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Imagine That! artist co-op in Duncan
Exquisitely hand crafted works of art cover the walls, line the shelves and grace the large store windows at Vancouver Island's oldest artist co-op in downtown Duncan.
The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. ~ Andy Warhol

"The act of transforming little pieces of disparate glass into a 'painting' strikes me as magic. Stained glass offers a glorious colour palette and an equally wide range of textures.
I am especially drawn to the reflective nature of glass, the way it creates movement and a feeling of 'aliveness.' "

   ~ Veronica Scott

Neil Fatin, Photographer
"We live in a truly remarkable world and if you know where to look, or stumble on a unique situation, you can use the camera to share those moments with others."
   ~ Neil Fatin

Laurel Hibbert, Canadian painter
"When I paint, I usually begin by creating a sky and then the land and then I wait and watch the scene until, almost like dreaming,
images begin to form and characters appear from somewhere in my memory or imagination."

   ~ Laurel Hibbert at Round Woman Studio
Cowichan Valley Orchestra & Choir

"We have three to five evening performances per season, with audiences numbering between 300-750 per performance. It is our pleasure."
   ~ Cowichan Valley Orchestra & Choir